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Great Texas Warrant Roundup results in 148 arrests in Corpus Christi

Posted at 1:51 PM, Mar 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-21 23:46:41-04

The City of Corpus Christi has released the results of its Great Texas Warrant Roundup.

A one-week amnesty period was held for residents with unpaid municipal fines or outstanding warrants. From Monday, February 18 through Friday, February 22, residents were allowed to pay for their tickets without the chance of landing in jail.

People stood in line at the Corpus Christi Municipal Court to pay off their unpaid fines and tickets before the start of the Great Texas Warrant Roundup.

On February 23rd, city marshals began picking up citizens who had outstanding tickets. That roundup ended on March 9.

According to Municipal Court Director Gilbert Hernandez, this year’s roundup cleared 5,903 warrants from their system and brought in $1.2 million.

It also resulted in 148 arrests.

Last year’s roundup, which included a 2-week amnesty period, cleared just over 4,200 warrants and resulted in 115 arrests.