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Local man changing lives with dog behavioral training program

Posted at 5:54 AM, Mar 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-14 16:00:06-04

Having a dog can bring the greatest joys in life. But, if your dog has some behavioral issues you can’t seem to straighten out, you can become more stressed.

Trey Clark, former musician and chef, found his niche after volunteering at a few shelters. He found a way to handle and train dogs that have temperament issues. In the past four years, he has grown his own business, Trey Clark Behavioral Training, and has helped hundreds of dogs and their parents.

“For people that have had a dog for about 6 months and they’re chewing and not getting house-trained properly,” states Clark. “So I started bringing the dogs into my environment, and instead of learning to live in a shelter, or a kennel, they learn to live in the home and obey the rules.”

Clark believes that every dog is a good dog, they may just have behavioral issues. Some such as, “chewing, house training, jumping on counters, jumping up on people, and my big bug a boo, is running through thresholds like bolting our the door,” says Clark.

In the past four years, Trey Clark has grown his own business, and has helped hundreds of dogs and their parents.

When contacted by a dog parent, Clark listens to the issues the parent is having. The first week the dog stays with Clark, he figures out what type of dog they are and where the issues arise from. The second week is intense leash training and learning to be in high-energy environments, the third week is fine tuning all of the lessons learned.

Clark feels a dog can be trained best, by having attention 24/7. “I’m out here with them all day,” Clark says. “Every time they get into trouble, I’m right there to get them out of it.”

Clark is currently writing a book on training with dogs, to find videos of his work and more information you can head to his Facebook Page (

You can also contact Trey Clark at,

361-498-7290 or