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Doctors explain signs, stages, and symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer

Posted at 6:07 PM, Mar 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-10 19:07:48-04

Doctors say Pancreatic Cancer can be seen just like all forms of cancers in the sense of this being a mutation of a gene were cells replicate.

With Pancreatic Cancer you cannot really point to a definite cause.

Risk factors could include family history, drinking, smoking, to even obesity.

“It tends to be a disease of middle to older age so you don’t see it in 30-year-olds very often you start seeing it in the forties a little bit it, really peeks around in the sixties to seventies,” says General Surgeon Dr. Matthew Ficenec.

Dr. Ficenec, also there are many parts to the pancreas which include the head, body, and tail.

With the head, first warning signs people can experience jaundice. This is when a person can start turning yellow.

The body can be the stage where people can feel pain to even weight loss.

The tail is the stage were cancer could become large and spread.

Doctors say only a small percent of people with this diagnoses live more than 5 years.