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Intruder’s sister, carjacking victim react to NAS incident

Posted at 9:15 PM, Feb 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-19 10:50:49-05


The woman who’s car was stolen by the man involved in Thursday’s incident at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi says she’s traumatized by the experience.

“I just wake up in the middle of the night, I have nightmares,” said Liz Nandin.  “I just remember seeing him getting in my car.”

Nandin was on her way to Chick-Fil-A for a Valentine’s Day breakfast with her children.  She decided to stop for gas on the way at the Stripes near the intersection of Everhart and SPID.  That’s when she encountered Daniel King.

“I see this gentleman running,” said Nandin.  “He didn’t look like a scrub, he didn’t look like he was up to no good.”

King then assaulted Nandin and stole her SUV.  He then made his way to the Naval Air Station.

“He was on a mission, he knew what he was going to do,” said Nandin.  “He got my vehicle and bam, he went straight to the base.”

King’s younger sister Tikeitra says he wasn’t well mentally.

“The last I spoke with him, he was walking down the street hallucinating,” said King.  “He stopped answering his phone, and the next day he got this.”

King’s sister says he was troubled about the recent government shutdown, and that’s why he went to the base.

“He believed that the world was coming to an end with this government shutdown,” said King.  “He wanted to go to the base to get help and to talk to somebody.”

Nandin learned about the incident at the base from paramedics who treated her.  When she found out her car was involved, and that King had been shot by security, her first thoughts were that she hoped king was alive.

“I don’t wish that on anybody,” said Nandin.  “Regardless of what he did to me, I don’t wish that on my worst enemy.”

Nandin says she’s grateful nobody else was hurt.  Meanwhile, King’s sister wants to know why her brother had to die.

“I just would like to know why they shot him instead of tasing him,” said King.  “He didn’t have a gun on him at all.”

Tikeitra King says she feels terrible for Nandin, and is sorry for what her brother did.

Also, NAS Corpus Christi’s North Gate, closed since Thursday’s incident, is set to reopen Tuesday.