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Nueces Co. District Attorney’s Office ready to help priest sex abuse victims

Posted at 3:26 PM, Feb 01, 2019

The Nueces County District Attorney’s Office is encouraging anyone who has been sexually abused by a priest to come forward.

District Attorney Mark Gonzalez said he hasn’t received any calls or emails from victims who have been abused by the priests whose names were on the list released by the Corpus Christi Diocese on Thursday.

But Gonzalez said if there are victims out there, they should call the District Attorney’s Office. Prosecutors in his office will determine whether the statute of limitations has expired on their case.

Gonzalez said if the statute of limitations has expired, the D.A.’s office can still help.

“We are always ready to help individual to get to victims services,” Gonzalez said. “Maybe, there may be no legal recourse, but if we can help them in healing in any way or getting the services they may need, we would be happy to do that.”

If you’re a victim of sexual abuse by a priest and would like to report it, contact the Nueces County District Attorney’s Office at 361-888-0411.