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CBD: The new popular health care product

Posted at 5:17 AM, Jan 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-17 11:33:58-05


CBD, Or Cannabidol, is just one of nearly 100 cannaboids found in the cannabis plant. It is typically sold in oil, pills, powder, topicals, or even food.

This cannaboid, CBD, has found extreme popularity just in the past few years and especially throughout the Coastal Bend.

So, where is the controversy?

There’s a gray area of why it is so controversial and may cause skepticism, Dr. Chad Peters of Armadillo Sport Chiropractic says, “In certain states they can have a percent of THC in there, that makes it a narcotic deal,” Peters said. “FDA does not rule on any supplements, so in Texas we try to kind of sell it as a supplement. It’s a gray area.”

Peters gives his reasons why someone may deem CBD controversial.

“One, it comes from the marijuana plant and carries a stigma because of that. Two, it is so new and there are so many different products, brands and suggested uses,” Peters said.

CBD is also considered a banned substance through the NCAA because current tests cannot determine the difference between the drug, with THC, compared to the oil alone. Dr. Peters says that there is not enough clinical research, so it is best to use caution.

Although it is not supposed to be used to treat or cure ailments, some local residents find that it has helped with any aches and pains.

Veteran LeeAnn Fox says she was skeptical at first.

“I really didn’t know much about it. Other than it came from the marijuana plant. Which with my history of urinalysis and law enforcement, I was just really resistant to it,“ Fox said.

Fox found out she had degenerative disc disease and tried what she could to ease the pain. But, the prescription pills she kept getting were not helping.

“Instead of curbing my pain they just gave me more side effects,” saidFox.

Fox said she did all the research she could and found that CBD oil, free of THC, helped.

“Within two days I was like, ‘okay seriously, am I really not feeling the pain am I just thinking it?’ From that point forward I quit taking all the opioids, everything.”

With so many products on the market, how is anyone to know what is safe and what isn’t?

“I would relate it to people in the Olympics or MMA or NFL, that say, ‘oh I got popped for steroids when I was taking my vitamins,’ you never truly know what they’re putting in there,” states Dr. Peters.

Many might find that CBD has become some kind of elixir but Dr. Peters wants people to stay away from a product that claims to be the ‘cure-all.’ He also stresses that if someone may be skeptical of urine tests, then to find out if your employer tests for THC or marijuana. Because of the lack of testing and research, it could be possible that some tests may not be able to tell the difference.

Dr. Peters does find that CBD is safe and in his opinion is effective, especially used for inflammation issues, pain, joint and muscle pain and neurological issues. He recommends talking to your doctor if in fact you choose to take CBD.