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Corpus Christi Fire Department master mechanic recognized for his service

Posted at 5:01 AM, Jan 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-04 06:33:51-05

A local master mechanic for the Corpus Christi Fire Department has been recognized for his service with a national award from Firehouse Magazine.

Kevin Sullivan, who has been working on cars since he was 16 years old, was named one of the top Emergency Vehicle Technicians (EVT) of the Year.

Firehouse Magazine named its top five winners of the 2018 Emergency Vehicle Technician (EVT) of the Year Award, which recognizes outstanding efforts to promote a high standard of excellence in quality and safety in emergency vehicles. Kevin Sullivan didn’t take first, but finishing third is still a big honor.

“It made me feel pretty good that all of mycredentials and everything my department put in for me got that high up the list,” said Corpus Christi Fire Department Shop Superintendent Kevin Sullivan.

Sullivan, who has worked with the Corpus Christi Fire Department for 10 years and 16 overall with the city, will be the first to tell you he would not be in this position without the help of his team of technicians that maintain 180 units.

“I could not do this alone; there is way too much stuff to work on and keep up and keep track of. I got three technicians that work for me that I have been working on bringing them up on the EVT ranks the same way I have and without their help, I could not keep it going,” said Sullivan.

The fleet maintenance supervisor, who is a Master EVT, Master ASE and Master Ambulance EVT among several other certifications, does this job for one reason…the safety of the first responders in our community.

“Equipment, you can replace even though it gets costly; the crews you can’t replace. The last thing anybody ever wants to hear about in this business is the equipment failing to do its job when you had a crew inside a burning building,” said Sullivan.

Sullivan says typically a lot of awards at the state and national level go to larger areas of the country.  Although he knew he was a candidate for a title, he wasn’t expecting much.

Sullivan has implemented an annual maintenance program for all 140 pieces of equipment and was commended in his nomination for being a mentor.

List of 2018 winners: