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CCPD officers discover bag containing over $14,000 in cash

Posted at 9:18 PM, Dec 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-31 23:23:53-05
Photo: CCPD  police officers discover over $14,000 in cash inside a stolen truck. (KRIS-TV)


Corpus Christi police officers made a surprising discovery after locating a stolen truck on the city’s north side.

According to police officers, the owner of a pickup truck woke up Monday morning to discover his truck was stolen.

After dialing 911 and telling dispatchers about his stolen vehicle, police used On-Star to track it down. The truck was located around 5:30 p.m. Monday afternoon in the 500 block of Old Robstown Road.

Photo: Corpus Christi police officers located a stolen truck near Up River Road. (KRIS-TV)


When police tried to pull over the stolen pickup truck, four hispanic men fled from the vehicle and the driver of the stolen truck left it running. The vehicle bumped into a police cruiser.

Police were able to arrest the driver and a passenger. While investigators were inspecting the truck, officers found a backpack inside the truck and when they opened it, the backpack was filled with cash.

Officers said the backpack had over $14,000 in cash.

Photo: CCPD  police officers discover over $14,000 in cash inside a stolen truck. (KRIS-TV)


Lieutenant Jay Clement, with the Corpus Christi Police Department, said, “None of them wanted to claim it. None of them knew where it is.”

Lt. Clement said investigators believe the money is proceeds from drugs sales. Officers also found a small bag of marijuana and cigarillos.

The other two suspects remain at-large Monday night. Police say those suspects lost their shoes as they fled from the scene.

Officers added their police cruiser had minor damage.