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Goodwill of South Texas expecting mass donations this weekend

Posted at 7:19 AM, Dec 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-28 09:06:50-05

It is the season of giving, and as the year wraps up, many people might be clearing out unused items in their home. Goodwill Industries of South Texas rely on donations throughout the year and they anticipate the days leading up to New Years Eve are the busiest days for drop-offs.

Erika Rivera with Goodwill says, “The end of year is like our Super Bowl. So, this is the time where we see the most amount of donations given to Goodwill.”

Goodwill takes in everything from clothes, furniture, regular household items, working and non-working electronics, plus things you wouldn’t normally expect, “you can also donate a vehicle running or not,” says Rivera.

With end of year donations, some residents may want those last donations in for a 2019 tax break. However, local accountant, Bill Clark with Tax Pro says, itemization rules have changed and in total have doubled.

“If it’s a single person, standard deduction of $6,000 has now gone to $12,000.” Clark says, “their total itemized deductions that would include those charitable’s would have to be in that instance, over $12,000 dollars.”

But, since it is the season of giving, many do not care to get that tax break in the mail. Lynn McCain says she comes to Goodwill throughout the year because she wants to help others in need.

“I donate throughout the year, so the tax break is not a big factor for me.”

To bring it full circle, all donations to Goodwill help provide employment and job training for individuals like Christopher Neisser.

Neisser has been at Goodwill for 4 months and separates donated clothes that you see in the store. For him, he’s learning how to gain skills that will help in other career choices. “Goodwill is a really fun place to be.”

Just in 2017, Goodwill says donations helped 288,000 people find jobs.

Now as the year closes, Goodwill anticipates a busy weekend with people rushing in with their end of year donations.