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Keeping pets healthy during the holidays

Posted at 6:15 AM, Nov 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-20 10:12:21-05

As we prepare our Thanksgiving meal and get ready to feast, it’s important to remember how to keep our furry family members happy and healthy.

Dr. Robert Perkins from Tejas Veterinary Clinic in Calallen says, although some dogs may be okay eating food scraps, it’s hard to tell which dog can handle it. So, it’s best to not give any table food to your dogs.

Although, chocolate is common to keep away from pets, Perkins says xylitol is a common sugar in desserts and should not be given to pets.

When it comes to your turkey dinner, veterinarians say do not give your pets turkey skin, bones or raw turkey meat.

Perkins recommends giving veggies if you choose to give your dog scraps. But only veggies that will not cause harm, such as fresh green beans and broccoli.

Another rule of thumb, is to remember that your pets can get into other things that are not food related, such as decorations!

Pine needles from Christmas trees, poinsettias and mistletoe can all be harmful and cause problems for your pet.

And don’t forget that towards the end of your thanksgiving dinner, take the trash out and do not leave it unattended near your dogs.

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