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Harveyville students take lead on recycling in Kingsville

Posted at 6:07 AM, Nov 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-14 07:07:59-05

The students at A.D. Harvey Elementary or, Harveyville, wanted to find a way to protect and preserve our natural resources. To address this, the students (with the help of staff) developed a recycling center on campus by placing bins in every classroom, every office, and many more places throughout the city of Kingsville.

Every Wednesday, a recycling song comes on to inform the students that it’s time to pick up all recycling bins. All students that are part of the Harveyville Recycling Center meet at the classroom to put on their uniform. Then, one by one, they pick up all bins from classrooms and take the recycling outside, where the City of Kingsville Recycling Center comes to pick up.

H-E-B sponsored Harveyville’s efforts, and this past year over 300,000 plastic grocery bags, dry cleaning bags and more were recycled.

The students also branched out to their own homes and the City of Kingsville to educate the community about recycling and reusing materials.

Harvey Elementary recycles more items such as crayons, markers and pencils. In the future they hope to eventually get rid of all plastic straws.