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Taxpayers voice opposition at CCISD board meeting

Posted at 9:58 AM, Nov 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-13 12:16:56-05

The board room was full at CCISD headquarters Monday night as community members showed up to voice their opposition to the school district’s $210 million bond package passed by voters last week.

​Michael Miller is leading the charge and has created a petition for board members to re-evaluate the proposed location of a new Mary Carroll High School near the intersection of Saratoga Boulevard and Weber Road.

“Do you think that building a school capable of holding 3,500-plus students and staff near a Naval aircraft crash zone is a responsible decision?,” Miller asked board members.

Others in opposition of CCISD Bond 2018 believe Carroll students could be transferred to other CCISD high schools with low enrollment. They also suggested building a less expensive high school at the site of the current Carroll campus.

“My understanding is you are basically re-copying the design for Veterans Memorial. We’ve already paid for that design, so why are we taking this type of approach to the design of the new Carroll High School?,” John Wilson asked.

CCISD Superintendent Dr. Roland Hernandez defended the components of CCISD’s newly passed bond package.

“My sister, my family, my daughter, everybody works in these schools. We certainly would never intentionally go put anyone in harm’s way and we did none of this without the conversation and support of the appropriate people,” Hernandez said.