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Principal: Aransas Pass High School damage photos misleading, repairs underway

Posted at 7:34 AM, Oct 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-05 08:34:05-04

You don’t have to go far in South Texas to see the remnants of Hurricane Harvey. More than a year later, its affects in Aransas Pass are still being felt.

Recently released photos and video show Aransas Pass High School is missing ceiling tiles and has severe damage gymnasium floor.

But with repairs in the works, school officials say the photos and video are misleading.

“After Hurricane Harvey came through, there was a lot of damage to area schools,” Principal Wayne Bennett told KRIS 6 News’ Paulo Salazar. “The school board saw the need as we made those repairs for a new roof.”

And as repairs began to take shape, mother nature had her own plans.

Recent weeks of torrential rains left it’s mark not only on ceiling tiles but the schools 40-year-old gymnasium floor.

“Through the construction process, water did get into the gym and unfortunately it damaged it to the point where we are now in the insurance phase of getting it taken care of,” Bennett said.

We were given access to see what repairs have been made and what repairs are still needed.

With the tiles originally in question replaced, aesthetically the interior of the school seems to be in good shape.

For the district, it’s the future and success of its students that have always taken center stage.

“If there needs to be a focus the focus should be on the outstanding education and instruction going on in the classroom,” Bennett said. “A few tiles here and there, we’re going to make sure that’s taken care of.”

With a bond passed by taxpayers, a brand new gym is under construction.

And despite the school looking like a construction zone for now, the schools future is looking bright.