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Alleged “Del Mar Dog Pack” captured

Posted at 5:37 PM, Sep 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-14 09:13:32-04

Four dogs that some residents refer to as the “Del Mar Dog Pack” have been caught.

“Two dogs rushed toward me with their teeth bared and they were gonna attack me,” one resident said.

Those dogs are suspected of killing several family pets in the area in recent weeks. They were cornered and captured on Clifford Street Thursday morning.

“Everybody kinda just chipped in and started doing things,” a resident said. “Neighbors went and got other garbage cans to form a wall on the backside of the house and got plywood.”

They cornered the wild dogs until Corpus Christi Animal Care Services arrived.

District 2 councilman Ben Molina has been working with residents and ACS officials for weeks to resolve the issue.

“I called in. They called in. Several people called in and Animal Control showed up and handled it professionally,” Molina said. “No one was hurt or injured.”

At least one of the dogs was wearing a collar. CCACS spokesman Mike Gillis said he is trying to track down the owner or owners.

If found, that person could face thousands of dollars in various citations.

If the dogs are not claimed within three days, they will be transferred to out-of-town rescue locations.