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“Harvey Grateful Fence” helping people heal in Rockport-Fulton

Posted at 10:41 PM, Aug 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-24 23:51:02-04

‘For many people in the Rockport-Fulton area, one word comes to mind now when they think of the state of the community just a year ago. That word is grateful.

That spirit is what inspired the “Harvey Grateful Fence.” It’s located at the Texas Maritime Museum in Rockport. People are being invited to visit and hang items or notes of encouragement for those who have helped them through the recovery process.


Carolyn Pearce, who left a note thanking her neighbors, said, “This community really pitched in. Everybody helped everybody and this is just a way for us to give thanks.”

Claire Record took a different approach in her two-page note that she put on the fence. She tells KRIS 6 News she used the first page to address Harvey and talk about the devastation left behind by the storm. She used the second page to talk about the good things that came out of the response.


“Thanking all the first responders, the churches, my neighbors, my friends. But it was kind of a healing thing for me. I needed to do that today,” she explains.

Nancy Arispe and her family continue their healing process. She lost her home and her business in Fulton. However, her new home is being built and she’s almost ready to move in. Her family hung a sunflower on the Harvey Grateful Fence for happiness.

Expressing her love for the Rockport-Fulton community, she says, “We’re born and raised here and our roots are here — everything, our family and friends. Everybody lost a lot but, you know, working together, it’s all coming together.”


While the recovery continues, people here are proud of the progress so far. Barry Brown hung a sign on the fence with a line that read, “We’re almost over you, Harvey.” However, he adds, “We’re gonna beat this and Rockport is strong.”

Another “Harvey Grateful Fence” is located next to the Charlotte Plummer’s Restaurant in Fulton. People have until 6 p.m. on Sunday to visit either fence and hang items or notes.