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CCISD teachers learn new technology for classroom

Posted at 8:02 AM, Aug 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-14 09:02:56-04

Classroom blackboards have been replaced by computer screens and IPads and teachers are working to stay ahead of the digital learning curve.

Friday, teachers wrapped up a two-day program called “Tech 2 teach”. It shows teachers how to incorporate digital technology in the classroom.

They learned about things like “quiz-let” which allows kids to take quizzes through an app and teachers give results almost instantly. There’s also software that replaces the chalkboard with an interactive touch screen.

Albert Pope, teacher at Martin Middle School said “Well it all depends on the teacher’s enthusiasm because when we teach with compassion we bring out new tools such as these new things with the internet systems, the kids are going to love it and they really bite into it.”

More than a thousand teachers and staff from CCISD and other districts attended the two-day conference.