Live Oak Emergency Management team prepares for rising water levels in Nueces River

Posted at 8:40 PM, Aug 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-22 09:15:34-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Live Oak County is under a major flood warning with the Nueces River at Three Rivers gauge continuing to rise.

Over in San Patricio, the people who live in this area said they have not noticed a major rise but further up the river it’s a different situation.

On Texas Highway 16, near Tilden. The Live Oak County Office of Emergency Management is keeping a close eye on the Nueces River. They have projected by Monday, the river will crest at 36 feet.

“Even though we’ve projected 36 we have seen that can spike quickly with the current flood sequence,” said Zac Durham with the Office of Emergency Management.

Now, they’re planning for a rise to the 38-foot mark.

“Once it goes above 36 or higher, we start seeing it in the structures,” said Durham.

Those living near the river and flood plains are at higher risk.

Tommy Bacle lives near San Patricio right next to the river. While he is safe from any immediate risk. He has experienced flooding.

“The water would come out of the riverbanks and come across there and that’s what was causing it to flood,” Bacle said.

Bacle said the 100-year flood plain in his neighborhood is 35 feet. His home has been elevated by 5 more feet to avoid water getting inside.

“Further downstream its more severe because the riverbank is not as high,” he said.

His only concern is what happens north of the river like in Live Oak County.

As the river feeds into Lake Corpus Christi, Bacle would like officials to release water little by little rather than all at once. That’s when they see an overwhelming rise in water levels.

“They have gotten better at anticipating the water coming down the Nueces River so they can release some because it detrimental to Corpus Christi water supply,” said Bacle.

In any case of flooding near riverbend homes and low-lying areas.

The Live Oak County Office of Emergency Management advises to evacuate if the levels are rising quickly and only taking necessary items from home.