Keepers of the Garden hosts pizza making event in their outdoor space.

Posted at 4:08 PM, Mar 19, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-20 07:25:06-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Cheesy, crispy, and delectable are some words that come up when talking about pizza. 

Well, keepers of the garden tell us they have all the ingredients to serve it up in their space. 

“So, it should only take 7 minutes to stretch the dough, top the pizza and cook the pizza,” Tevan Gray said. 

Gray manages the 2 acres of land at this urban garden located in the Oak Park area. 

He’s also the outdoor educator at Corpus Christi Montessori school. 

“Keepers of the Garden is a community hub. We’re there as an educational space, a learning garden where we teach the community how to grow their own food, preserve that food and cook it and consume that food,” Gray said.  

Gray says the public will benefit from today's seed to table event because it teaches them more about living sustainably.

"By showing them the process of seed to plate, we're introducing a new concept especially for younger generations and that's what we want,” Gray said. 

Laura Day and Spencer Swenson came out to enjoy what the garden has to offer. They popped their pizzas in the wood fire oven. 

“It was delicious! Laura picked some fresh onions. Can’t get any better than that,” Swenson said.

Day said everyone should be more interested in getting nutrient dense foods.

“Tevan is a huge advocate of education and starting them young. This is a perfect place for them to learn and get their hands in the dirt to learn where food really comes from,” Day said. 

The community garden is open to the public and there are other events that happen every month. 

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