Baker Middle Schooler Donates 12 Inches of Hair to Non Profit

Posted at 8:30 AM, Aug 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-25 09:30:42-04

CCISD classes begin Monday.

And on the first day of school there will be one Baker middle schooler who will be missing something and she’s thrilled about it.

Meet Leela Bindingnavele.

The spunky 11 year old sits in a chair at James Stanley Salon in the Village Shopping Center.

Courtney Pollard, owner of James Stanley salon says “Leela, are you ready to donate your hair?” Leela eagerly responds “yeah!”

After a year and a half of growing out her hair, Leela is ready to for a cut.

Courtney measures the hair and says “perfect. Here we go.”

As Courtney begins to snip 12 inches off Leela’s long locks, Leela talks about this being a hair cut for a cause.

“Some kids don’t have any hair and if I have that much of it then I might as well give some people some hair too” says Leela.

Leela’s mom, Pooja Bindingnavele says “we talked about it and she’s like yeah I want to do that. There are kids who don’t have hair.”

Leela’s locks are going to a non-profit called Wigs For Kids.

“What I like about it is they don’t charge any of the patients or the people that come to them that don’t have hair” says Courtney.

Wigs For Kids takes the donation and turns it into a custom hairpiece. The wigs are made for children who have hair loss due to cancer treatment, burns or diseases like Alopecia.

The cost of one hair replacement system is $1,800 but Wigs For Kids never charges one cent to a family in need.

“I really like the fact they don’t charge kids for the wigs because these kids aside from already having bills with chemo and radiation are going through a lot and this is something we can do for them” adds Pooja.

This is the second time Leela has made such a donation.

A tradition and a lesson in giving she hopes to continue as she gets older.

Wigs For Kids holds cut-a-thon’s throughout the country several times a year. For more information check out this website: