Hula Hooping gaining popularity during pandemic

Circling back to familiar past time
Posted at 1:41 AM, May 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-10 02:42:06-04

The classic hula hoop was a childhood staple for many of us, but these days, grown-ups are circling back to this familiar past time.

“It invokes this inner child and playfulness that we sometimes get away from as adult,” said Professional Hula Hoop Artist Jessica Packard.

Packard has been hula hooping professionally for a decade. She people hooping for fun, fitness and relaxation. If you’re looking to start, she says it’s important to choose the right sized hoop.

“When you're picking out a hula hoop, stand with your feet together, you'll want it to come belly button or waist height," Packard said.

She says hoop size determines how fast you'll move your hips.

"The smaller the hula hoop, the faster it's going to rotate around your waist, so you'll have to move a lot quicker,” she said.

Packard said practice and the right instruction are a hula hooper's best friend, you can learn more steps for beginners and see her routines by clicking here.