Highlighting Christus Spohn's impact on the community

Thursday is World Health Day
Posted at 7:40 AM, Apr 07, 2022

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Patients and their loved ones come in and out of Christus Spohn hospitals every day.

There are 17 facilities located in Corpus Christi, Alice, Beeville and Kingsville.

Officials at Chrsitus Spohn said at each location, people receive the best care possible and their mission extends further than that.

“The essence of what we contribute really is our mission and our core values,” said Dr. Osbert Blow, the CEO of the Christus Spohn system.

Blow said their target population is everyone. He credits his 3,300 staff members for providing health services to those most vulnerable.

“We are a physical, human resource for others, and we are financial contributor to some,” he said.

At the six Christus Spohn hospitals in the coastal bend, 500 to 600 patients will be admitted on any given day. 130 to 160 patients a day in the emergency rooms.

Nearly 1,000 patients walk in daily to receive treatment or preventative care.

“You are taking care of preventing hopefully the onset of chronic disease and if someone has chronic disease, we are in the position to help manage that chronic disease,” Blow said.

One of Christus Spohn’s facilities is the Hector P. Garcia Memorial Family Health Center.

“If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be walking today,” said patient Alberto Almaguer.

Almaguer said when his insurance couldn’t get him what he needed, at the Hector P. Garcia Memorial Family Health Center, they even gave him a bus pass.

“I couldn’t afford $600 for a pill,” he said.

The Hector P. Garcia Health Center Director Bert Ramos said community health workers help you sign up for services.

For those who can't afford medical care, they have access to additional resources. Plus, payment plans are also available.

“We try to be a one stop shop for our patients so they can come here and get all their labs and X-rays and everything that they need,” Ramos said.

Some of the services Christus Spohn offers includes the First Friday Free Mammogram Screening Program.

Each year, the group provides about 1,000 free mammogram screenings. For more information about FIRST FRIDAY, call 361-985-5600.

For the full list of programs and services at the Hector P. Garcia Memorial Family Health Center,click here.