First female La Palmera Mall general manager shares her story

Amanda Sanchez started her career as a door greeter
Posted at 6:18 AM, Mar 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-08 10:55:58-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Tuesday is International Women's Day. Here in the Coastal Bend, Amanda Sanchez is the first female, and the first Hispanic, General Manager of La Palmera Mall. Sanchez said it’s an ever-changing job but the road to her success prepared her for her day-to-day responsibilities.

“The same day I unenrolled myself from high school, I went to Del Mar College and enrolled myself for the GED test,” she said.

After passing the GED on the first try, Sanchez chose her own path

“I got married young had a son at 19 years old, so he’s grown up here with me,” said Sanchez.

At 20 years old she was a mom, a wife and a was working at the Padre Staples Mall.

“I started out opening the main and answering the phone and helping people who walked through the door,” she said.

Having experienced the other 6 key positions and being involved in the growth of La Palmera Mall is how she was considered for the General Manager position but, it wasn’t without a few obstacles.

“People thinking you don’t know what you’re doing, and you don’t know what you’re talking about because a lot of what I was doing was dealing with construction,” said Sanchez.

Sanchez said for young woman starting off in their careers, its best to ask questions.

“I always say, I don’t have a good day unless I learn something new. Still to this day no matter how big or small,” she said. Don’t ever let somebody that you can’t do something. Let that be your biggest motivator.”

Sanchez has been the GM for La Palmera Mall since September of 2020. Her coworkers credit her for having navigated and managed through most of the COVID-19 pandemic and now she is overseeing the construction of Cheesecake Factory which is only one of many things Sanchez said she is excited about for the future.