Why I Vote: San Patricio County

Posted at 4:00 PM, Oct 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-23 17:00:53-04

SAN PATRICIO COUNTY, Texas — With just one week left of early voting in Texas, San Patricio County voters shared their thoughts on why it’s important to vote.

“I vote because it’s important to get your voice heard." Aransas Pass resident Mag Reese said. "We’re unique in this country, we’re able to have a voice, and I encourage everybody to come out and use that voice."

Others shared Reese's sentiment.

“I vote because it’s important to make decisions for your community, and not let other people make that decision for you,” said Garrett Swenson, of Portland.

And others say they believe that voting is a civic obligation.

“I vote because it’s the responsibility of every citizen to do so,” said Portland’s Robert Steele, who is a military veteran.

Steele chooses to exercise his right to vote because so many military members have sacrificed in order to give that right to Americans.

“We have a freedom that we get to decide, and not myself, but there are veterans who have given everything for this, and people should recognize that and be appreciative of that,” he said.

For Portland resident Maggie Peden, voting gives the younger generation, like hers, a chance to shape its future.

“I vote because we are the future of our nation,” she said. “The things that are happening in our nation are very crucial to our generations to come.”

While the presidential election gets a lot of attention, Swenson wants remind people to not overlook local elections.

“Equally part of the voting process is making decisions in the local community." Swenson said. "That doesn’t get as much attention as the presidential election, but that’s probably more important to the individual voter because it has a greater impact on the community than the presidential election would.”

Aransas Pass voter Mark, who declined to give his last name, noted that voting allows your opinions to make an impact in your community.

“The reason we’re voting today is just to make sure our voices are heard. Too many people unfortunately take for granted public officials. Unless you get out and vote, you don’t have the right to say too much about who wins and who doesn’t. We encourage everybody to come out and whether they vote one way or the other, just be sure to vote. It’s your public right, your civic right, and your duty,” he said.

Early voting ends Oct. 30 in Texas. And Election Day is Nov. 3.