ELECTION 2020: Jim Wells County Commissioner and County Constable

Posted at 4:11 PM, Nov 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-04 14:48:00-05

County Commissioner Pct. 1

Margie Gonzalez1,21747.08%
Amanda Sue Friedeck1,36852.92%

Jim Wells County had residents heading to the polls to cast their ballot in five county races. Voters were tasked with deciding the outcome for two county commissioner seats and three county constable positions.

The Jim Wells County Commissioner Precincts up for grabs include commissioner for Precinct 1 and Precinct 3.

Candidates for County Commissioner, Precinct 1 race are Democrat incumbent Margie Gonzalez and Republican challenger Amanda Sue Friedeck.

Gonzalez has held the seat since 2003. She has worked hard to create jobs for the area, encourage county employees to expand their positions, and keep county dollars in the community. If Gonzalez wins for Precinct 1 her top priority is to continue road maintenance projects and transform trash pick up for the county. Aside from her commissioner duties Gonzalez has owned and operated Texas Rig Service since 2004.

Challenger Amanda Sue Friedeck was appointed in 2018 to serve as Jim Wells County Republican Chair. Friedeck prides herself on fighting for the voice of change for the community and to embrace the environment, small businesses, and programs that give everyone an equal shot at the American Dream. She is dedicated to investing in the future of area children, small business owners, veterans, and working families. Her top priorities include liberty and freedoms, community economic and business development, instilling traditional family and educational values, and growing veteran support.

County Commissioner Pct. 3

Renee Kirchoff Chapa (R)2,27767.43%
Carlos Gonzalez (D)1,10032.37%

Candidates for County Commissioner, Precinct 3 are Democrat incumbent Carlos Gonzalez and Republican challenger Renee Kirchoff Chapa.

Gonzalez is retired and devotes all his time to serving the residents in Precinct 3. His top priorities if re-elected are to improve roads across the county and to find solutions to flooding throughout the area.

Challenger Renee Kirchoff Chapa is an entrepreneur and business owner for 30 years. Chapa is always willing to listen, learn, and tackle new problems. Her top priorities include focusing on safety, quality, delivery, and costs and having full transparency on project lineup and costs.

Constable Pct. 1

Ruben Garcia (R)3,24655.29%
Carlos Gonzalez (D)2,62544.71%

The candidates for Constable, Precinct 1 are Democratic Interim Constable for Precinct 1, Democrat Albert Martinez, and Republican challenger Ruben Garcia.

Interim Constable for Precinct 1 Albert Martinez is a lifetime resident of Precinct 1. Martinez has over 30 years of law enforcement experience and took over as the interim constable in 2019 after the longtime constable resigned for health reasons.

His top priorities are to provide extra patrols to neighborhoods, provide assistance to local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, implemented a Reserve Deputy Program, and promote school safety.

Republican challenger Ruben Garcia has strong family values and believes in a safe community for all. His goal is to continue to personally patrol neighborhoods keeping the young generations safe.

Garcia also works as a K-9 Officer with the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Office. He has served as a Nuclear Officer with the South Texas Project Nuclear Plant, going through extensive training with firearms in order to properly keep others safe, and was part of the advisory team.

Constable Pct. 3

Jim Long (R)63781.35%
Mateo Clark (D)14618.65%

The candidates for Constable, Precinct 3 are Republican Incumbent Jim Long and Democratic challenger Mateo Clark.

Republican Incumbent Jim Long is certified as a Master Peace officer with over 20 years of continuous law enforcement practice. Long has a Bachelor's Degree in Petroleum Engineering from The University of Oklahoma.

Democratic challenger Mateo Clark has served as a U.S. Merchant Marine Master since May 19, 2006. Clark is a Maritime Security Specialist Rank; Captain. He also works as a general farmer for the Sandia Farm Company since August 1, 1978. Other operations include watermelon, truck farm, fish hatchery, and custom farming operations. Clark has served on the Texas Commission on law enforcement, as a paramedic, HSE security legal investigator, a Texas firefighter, and for the U.S. Coast Guard.

Constable Pct. 5

Gerald Arizmendez (R)1,21552.69%
Robert Vasquez Sr. (D)1,09147.31%

The candidates for Constable, Precinct 5 are Republican Gerald Arismendez and Democrat incumbent Robert Vasquez Sr.

Vasquez currently serves as the county's Constable for Precinct 5. He is a military veteran who served as a law enforcement specialist, a team leader, and a Veteran of the Persian Gulf War. He is a lifetime member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars organization, a 3rd-degree Knight of the Knights of Columbus, and a Public Safety Advisory Board Member of Del Mar College. Vasquez is certified as a law enforcement instructor and a mental health peace officer. He's also a certified instructor for mental health peace officers and civilian response to active shooter events. He's a member of the Coastal Bend Peace Officers Association. Constable Vasquez is currently the Vice President of the South Texas Justice of the Peace and Constables Association.

Challenger Gerald Arismendez currently serves as the Assistant Attorney General at the Office of the Attorney General of Texas, Open Records Division. He has served in this position since 2016.

Arismendez says, he is devoted to the people. He believes that a "Public Servant" should always do things that will benefit the people as a whole. He has over 26 cumulative years of experience in law enforcement and public safety, making positive changes in the lives of families, seniors, and young people. Arismendez is now ready to take his expertise and work experience to the Precinct #5 Constable's Office. His top priorities include working to protect OGISD schools, neighborhood security patrols, and fugitive apprehension.