How will Trump diagnosis affect elections?

Posted at 11:28 PM, Oct 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-03 00:29:24-04

While the President's medical prognosis seems good, how will his diagnosis affect his re-election campaign? And his presidency?

This time of year, the sight of ordinary citizens showing support for their chosen candidates is a common sight.

KRIS 6 News political analyst David Smith believes President Trump's diagnosis could gain him more support.

Smith points to reaction in England when British Prime Minister Boris Johnson contracted COVID-19. Public support for Johnson there dramatically increased while he was ill.

Smith believes there could be a similar bump for the President.

“You could see people supporting the President and his diagnosis, as well as -- I won't say voting for him, but supporting him during this crisis,” Smith said.

However, the President's diagnosis comes about a month before Election Day.

The Trump campaign announced it was either postponing the President's upcoming campaign schedule or moving events online.

There is also the question of the second presidential debate, scheduled for Oct. 15: President Trump may still be quarantined then.

The second debate is slated to be a town hall, so moving that virtually may prove difficult.

“That would be further outside the bounds than I think we’re used to, or is the norm in American politics,” Smith said. “As we’ve learned over the last six months or so, nothing is the norm anymore.

KRIS 6 News contacted both local party chairs for reaction.

Republican chair Jim Kaelin told me he believes the President’s health will have little effect on the remaining campaign, and that President Trump should recover.

Meanwhile, Democratic chair Coretta Graham had no comment.