Billionaire Bloomberg funding last-minute Biden Texas spending spree

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg
Posted at 9:37 AM, Oct 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-27 10:39:55-04

NEW YORK CITY, New York — Billionaire financier Michael Bloomberg is spending millions in Texas and Ohio to fund a last-minute spree meant to bolster Democratic candidate Joe Biden's chances in those closely contested states.

The New York Times reports that Bloomberg is directing millions towards late television advertising in two traditionally red states that appear to be shifting away from President Donald Trump in the upcoming Nov. 3 election.

A political adviser to Mr. Bloomberg told the Times that the billionaire former mayor of New York City would use his super PAC, Independence USA, to air intensive ad campaigns in all television markets in both states.

The cost of the late two-state campaign is expected to total around $15 million.

The Bloomberg team has conducted polling in a number of states over the weekend. They came away convinced that Texas and Ohio represented its best targets after Trump carried both states in the 2016 election. The team presented Bloomberg with the numbers on Monday morning and he then gave the go-ahead for the spending.

The two states combine for 56 Electoral College votes and most political observers believe that Trump must carry both in order to ensure his re-election campaign.