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'Acre of Angels': a tribute to the lives lost to COVID-19

Sinton's "Acre of Angels" honors COVID-19 victims
Posted at 5:19 AM, Sep 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-16 11:23:11-04

SINTON, Texas — Walking down this rural road in Sinton, you would never think you would see all of these faces on this fence. They are called the Acre of Angels and they're some of the faces of COVID-19, here in this community.

"I think it's awesome.I think it lets people know that families care about the people who passed away," said Sinton resident Olivia Flores.

Forty-one faces lost to COVID-19 from in and around San Patricio County. Each person honored with a poster, some have left flowers, and there are lights that will illuminate these angels at night on Villareal Street.

"A lot of the people on that fence line I knew. There's a total of about 4-5 on there," said Flores.

Property owner Jennifer Puente says most of the families didn't get a chance to hold their loved ones hand or say goodbye before they died. She donated the posters and placed them at the back of her property to let families know their loved ones are not forgotten and that their community is there to support them.

Neighbors we spoke to agree.

"I think we should remember them and remember the impact that covid has had on the community," said Sinton resident Patty Kraft.

Residents we spoke to say they recognized the faces on the fence, and as beautiful as a tribute it is, they hope they don't have to put any more people on it.

"Whoever owns that property, thank god and bless you for acknowledging those people," said Flores.

This is just a prime example of communities like the one here in Sinton, coming together to honor the people who have passed away from COVID-19 to make sure they're not just a number but that they are remembered