Local businesses rolling out different defense measures

Liquid Town is protecting its customers, and TP
Here’s Where Most People Stand On The Toilet Paper ‘over Or Under’ Debate
Posted at 9:15 PM, Mar 16, 2020

Toilet paper isn't just flying off the shelves at grocery stores, but out of some local businesses as well.

As owners try to accommodate customers, number one on their list is keeping a clean and healthy establishment.

The restaurant is deep cleaned prior to opening, and when it closes, said Silverado Smokehouse manager Kelly Martin. With fears of COVID-19 spreading across the country, business owners are taking the necessary steps to ensure customers stay healthy when visiting their establishment..

"We sanitize a little more now; the tables and chairs as customers leave,"

Martin said the restaurant is using a higher-grade sanitizer for extra precaution.

"We are keeping the counters clean," said Liquid Town owner Eddy Buhidar. "Every 30 or 40 minutes, we clean them off with a good antibacterial soap and our door handles on the front door of the store."

But alcohol wasn't the only items folks visiting Liquid Town were grabbing.

His business' number two priority: keeping enough toilet paper.

On Friday and Saturday, they couldn't keep enough toilet paper stocked in their restroom, which is open to the public.

"We probably refilled it 4 or 5 time over the course of the day but different employees were doing it so we didn't realize it was happening until we got ready to close," said Buhidar. "Someone was putting some in there, and someone said 'Hey, I just put two rolls in there an hour ago.' "

It was at that point staff realized they had gone through 15 rolls of toilet paper in one day.

With a toilet paper shortage at grocery stores through out the area patrons are grabbing toilet paper where they can. It has other businesses keeping a close watch.

Martin says, "I haven't noticed anyone taking anything but after hearing about it I am going to be on alert."