CDC issues new guidance for nursing homes, including banning visitors

Posted at 8:21 PM, Mar 13, 2020

The CDC has issued new guidance to nursing homes nationwide on Friday.

The guidance calls for all nursing home visits to be prohibited, except in end-of-life situations. The guidance, which goes into effect immediately, comes as spread of the coronavirus grows nationally, and is particularly dangerous for the elderly and disabled.

The CDC issued guidelines covering the following:

  • Restrict all visitation except for end of life situations.
  • Restrict all volunteers and non-essential healthcare personnel (HCP), including non-essential healthcare personnel (e.g., barbers)
  • Cancel all group activities and communal dining
  • Implement active screening of residents and HCP for fever and respiratory symptoms

"Because of the ease of spread in a long-term care setting and the severity of illness that occurs in residents with COVID-19, facilities should immediately restrict all visitation to their facilities except for end-of-life situations," the CDC's guidelines say.

The CDC recommended that nursing homes set up alternative ways for families to communicate with loved ones in nursing homes, including video conferencing.