CCISD approves year-round school for 2020-21 schoolyear

Posted at 5:27 PM, Jun 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-09 00:12:20-04

The CCISD School Board voted Monday to put the district on a year-round class schedule.

In a separate vote, the board also adopted an academic calendar from four propositions. You can view them by clicking here and scrolling down. The calendar proposals begin at page 200. The district chose option four.

Both votes were propelled by the desire to get students back in the classroom after almost three months off, because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The kiddos have been out of school for so long, and we’re not sure what’s coming with COVID-19 later this year," CCISD Director of Communication Leanne Libby said. "That's why we did really need to build in some flexibility.”

During a 2 1/2-hour meeting Monday, the CCISD school board opted to begin the year Aug. 13. It will end June 3, 2021.

The calendar will have 14 "intercession" days that will help the district make-up for any days lost to bad weather or coronavirus-related issues.

Teachers may also use them for student enrichment.

“The example (Superintendent Dr. Roland) Hernandez used was perhaps this is a time for the robotics team to come in," Libby said. "Perhaps our AP students come in and really prepare for those exams.”