Brooks County residents and officials react to President Biden's inauguration

Posted at 7:11 PM, Jan 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-20 20:11:08-05

BROOKS COUNTY — Somara Salinas, owner of Somara’s Furniture in Brooks County, lost her mother to the COVID-19 virus; something she never thought would be a reality.

Salinas has always been a Trump supporter and agrees with many policies of his, she hopes this new administration will help with the roll out of vaccines in smaller communities .

"It just needs to happen soon, very soon, we can not afford to lose anymore loved ones, no family should go through the pain I'm going through,” she said.

Brooks County Judge Eric Ramos is hopeful for the next four years. He said the important issues at the moment is controlling this pandemic and getting vaccines to communities like Falfurrias as soon as possible.

" I am hoping there will be more efficiency and effectiveness in rolling out the vaccine, so that people can get it quickly."

Ramos believes the Biden administration will follow the experts.

“One message that follows science and follows medicine, Ithink we'll see that from this administration and that's welcomed,” Judge Ramos said.

Brooks County has seen an increase in cases. At the moment they have 685 cases and 29 deaths. Raul Ramirez, a resident and local business owner, said the most important thing is bringing the country together.

"The most important thing would be unifying the country, and we all aspire for the same thing is that hopefully they'll be a cure for covid."

All hope that the next four years will be the rebuilding of our country.