Area school district requiring face-to-face classes for extracurricular activities

Posted at 9:01 PM, Jul 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-24 00:02:44-04

Classes will resume in the Orange Grove ISD on Aug. 10, where students will have the option to do in-class learning or distance learning.

But if they want to participate in extracurricular activities -- that's a different story.

Orange Grove ISD is mandating that students who want to participate in extracurricular activities, have to attend school face-to-face.

"now while students have the option of attending classes virtually or in person... that same option won't be there for extra curricular activities...

One student shared her concerns about risking her families health.

"My grandma, she has cancer, and I wouldn't want to give (COVID-19) to her," said softball player Katrina Lara. "Or like, my mom works at a nursing home and I wouldn't want them to get it because of me. Like, I don't think that is fair for some people."

Students participating in extracurricular activities will be tested for COVID-19, and group sizes will be limited.

"I was going to go to school anyways," Lara said. "I don't mind it."

Students wanting to participate in athletics, cheer and some fine-arts programs are the most impacted by this new rule.

See the district's back-to-school plan here.