Barcelona Estates residents battling back after recent rash of mail thefts

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Posted at 6:24 PM, Jul 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-15 19:35:01-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — There's been a recent series of crimes at the Barcelona Estates.

They've included mail theft, car break-ins and trespassing.

Barcelona Estates is near Kostoryz and Saratoga and the people who live there are taking action in this southside area.

Most of the crimes have happened in broad daylight.

The crime spike began with the end of the school year, but Barcelona Estates residents say it’s not just kids who are the lawbreakers.

This image from someone's security system shows two boys and a man.

The woman who gave us this picture says it was taken at her dad's house.

One of the neighbors noticed that they caught on their camera some kids on a bike, opened a package, there didn't seem to be anything that they wanted and they dumped it on her lawn.

People who live here consider themselves close knit, they watch each other's homes.

The residents of Barcelona Estates have a Facebook group with more than 250 members where they exchange pictures, links, and updates of anything suspicious happening around their neighborhood.

Jason Grimes is a regular contributor to that Facebook page.

He posted footage from just yesterday of two women driving down his street, emptying out unlocked mail boxes.

“We checked our cameras to see what had happened and our mail was stolen along with everyone on the street,” Grimes said.

But it's not just mail thefts and trespassing, cars are also getting broken into.

“They've attempted to break into my garage multiple times, my cameras have caught people trying to get over the fence, his truck has been broken into and stolen, they've actually taken his truck, literally weekly something happens,” Grimes said.

Barcelona Estates residents say police patrol their neighborhood but they are doing their part also by installing home security systems.

They hope that will help police identify suspects and put them in jail.