Aransas Pass Police say preventing auto theft is a top priority

Increase in auto thefts in the city.
Posted at 6:39 AM, May 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-19 11:44:00-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The Aransas Pass Police Department has released its monthly public safety report and it shows an increase in auto thefts. Police Chief Eric Blanchard said it was alarming to see one stolen vehicle after another.

Police report two cars, two trucks, and a trailer were stolen in April, they were all taken from residential areas in Aransas Pass. Officers said it could only get worse, because the Bureau of Justice Statistics suggest crime rates increase in the summer.

“We do see an increase in property related crime, crime of violence. It’s really anything,” said Chief Blanchard.

Ryan Herbert had her car stolen in Aransas Pass back in 2020, while visiting from out of town.

“Everyone was telling me, I wasn’t going to find my car. That I should give up and go back to Oklahoma but, they didn’t understand because I had stuff in that car,” said Herbert

It was through, the Aransas Pass Facebook page she was able to recover her car.

“I had people nice enough to let me know. Hey, I’ve seen your car around town,” she said.

By using social media, Herbert said she found her car nearly 20 miles away in Rockport.

Now APPD is working on a solution to reduce the numbers.

“We can outfit the city with 4 cameras with license plate readers strategically around town where we want them placed. We can outfit a police vehicle or an unmarked vehicle with license plate readers and drive around town,” said Blanchard.

The Aransas Pass Police Department said its applied for a $20,000 grant to receive four cameras. Right now, Chief Blanchard is planning to place them around the city.

He is also asking people who live in the area to invest in a security alarm camera at home. If that’s not possible don’t leave your keys in your car. Don’t leave any valuables and lock your doors.