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CCACS has a new program to help save stray kittens

Posted at 7:24 AM, May 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-21 08:24:10-04

Sarah Brown with the Live Release team at CCACS, says kittens are typically brought in because people think they need to be taken care of if left alone. But that’s not always the case. Many times, the mom is out hunting for food before coming back to feed her young. Brown says that a mom will usually hide her kittens because she doesn’t want them found.

CCACS says they’ve received an influx of kittens and want to make sure people understand the resources at CCACS are limited. Last year, almost 80% of kittens brought in were euthanized. But this year, they’re hoping to change that number and save as many kittens as possible. So far, they’ve been able to save 40 kittens just this month, through their neo-natal program. During this program, CCACS staff work around the clock feeding the numerous kittens they have. Brown says it’s definitely labor intensive, kittens need to be fed every couple of hours, for at least 15 minutes. Then they must be expressed since they cannot go to the bathroom on their own.

With the high amount of kittens being brought in, CCACS asks for donations of blankets, towels and KMR (kitten milk replacement).

To help with donations you can buy from CCACS Amazon Wish list: