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Nueces County District Attorney’s Criminal Interdiction Unit a huge success

Posted at 9:11 AM, May 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-14 17:17:33-04

The Nueces County District Attorney’s Criminal Interdiction Unit has seen success in confiscating drugs, money and other contraband within the past year.

“It’s not only the Nueces County District Attorney office working to meet a common goal, in partnership with the Robstown Police Department. But it’s a huge team effort, we’ve worked with I think every agency in this county, said Special Investigator  Mike Tamez.

Tamez adds the unit’s job is to catch a smuggler through routine traffic stops.

Just in 2019,  the unit has confiscated 154-thousand dollars in cash, 234 pounds of marijuana, 49 pounds of meth, 500 T-H-C Vape Viles.  Recently the unit pulled over a car and found illegal drugs stashed away in seven different. “ I’ll tell you what I’m most proud of really, the 7 compartments in vehicles,” beams Tamez.

Tamez explains in order to catch a smuggler there is high-level training in finding contraband in a vehicle. “We pulled $74,000 recently out of an all-wheel-drive transfer case on a front-wheel-drive car. That car has been stopped and searched previously,” said Tamez.

It’s the experience of the law enforcement in Nueces County that is able to make these kinds of confiscations that go unnoticed in other parts of South Texas.

“The law enforcement agencies in Nueces County are working very very close with each other and are working hard to keep the folks here safe and free of the drugs,” concluded Tamez.