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Mumps scare shuts down court proceedings at local Federal Courthouse

Posted at 2:31 PM, May 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-11 00:21:15-04


Multiple court proceedings were delayed at the Corpus Christi Federal Courthouse Friday morning following a mumps scare.

According to a US Marshal spokesperson, two inmates from the Brooks County Detention Center in Falfurrias who had recently been exposed to mumps were brought to the Federal Courthouse Friday morning. That spokesperson said those inmates were exposed to mumps “somewhere in the valley.”

Al Lujan, US Marshal Supervising Deputy, told KRIS 6 News those inmates were supposed to be under quarantine, but a “miscommunication with the facility” led to their appearance at the courthouse.

That supervising deputy said courtrooms were not contaminated by the inmates in question. Those inmates were held in the cell block area, and multiple Marshal Services employees were exposed. Those Federal employees were notified about their exposure and are being observed at a U.S. Marshal service zone.

As of Friday afternoon, the Federal Courthouse is still open, but no Federal prisoners will be seen for the rest of the day.

Lujan said regular operations at the courthouse will resume Monday.

A statement from officials of the Brooks County Detention Center confirmed the two prisoners had the mumps.

“On May 10, 2019, two inmates under quarantine for exposure to mumps at the Brooks County Detention Center were mistakenly brought to the Corpus Christi Federal Courthouse. The inmates were transported back to Center and have shown no signs or symptoms of illness. The Center will evaluate its processes and procedures, as it does on a regular basis, to ensure that established medical protocols are followed.”

According to the Mayo Clinic website, mumps is a viral infection that primarily affects the salivary glands located near the ears. Mumps can cause swelling in one or both of the glands.

Mumps is caused by a virus that spreads easily from person to person through infected saliva. The infection can also be contracted by breathing in saliva droplets from an infected person who has just sneezed or coughed.

The most common symptoms of mumps are pain in the swollen salivary glands on one or both sides of your face, pain while chewing or swallowing, fever, headache, muscle aches, weakness, fatigue and loss of appetite.