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KRIS wins unprecedented six Associated Press awards

Posted at 11:10 PM, Apr 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-17 10:53:12-04

AUSTIN – KRIS 6 News claimed an unprecedented six first-place awards and two other second-place finishes in statewide Texas Associated Press Broadcasters presented Saturday night.

The KRIS winners included:

  • Emily Hamilton – Best spot report by an individual with the story “Legal Troubles Continue for Judge Guy Williams.”

Judges’ comments – “I applaud the reporter’s determination to keep digging and find more information as quickly as possible. Nothing like old-fashioned work ethic and hustle.”

  • Jessica Savage/Mike Salazar – Best investigate reporting on the relocation of the proposed location of the new Carroll High School, “Concerns for School Campus in Navy Crash Zone.”

Judges’ comments – “Resourceful and thorough. Clear, concise writing and process reporting. This is when news can illuminate, educate, and make a difference by holding the powerful accountable.”

  • Best spot reporting by a station on the “Schlitterbahn Water Park Foreclosure.”

Judges’ comments – “They broke and owned the story. Nice job with three story angles. Well-produced and reported.”

  • Best newscast documentary/magazine or special report (Dale Nelson, Juan Acuna, Lisa Leal) – Weather documentary on hurricane season, “Ready for the Next Hurricane Harvey.”

Judges’ comments – “Very informative and the imagery was striking.”

  • Best continuing digital coverage – Eddie Cruz, Dale Davis, Ryan Garza, Tim Griffin, Brad Hoffman, Catherine McGinity, Tammy Botello, Sam Parris, Haley Williams.
  • Best newscast

Judges’ comments – “A creative production. Excellent newscast.”

KRIS also won two other second-place finishes for a report by Emily Hamilton and its morning newscast.

All of the awards were claimed in the Division II classification, made up of every station in the state of Texas outside the metropolitan areas of Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio and Austin.

The eight awards represent an unprecedented haul in the history of the station.

“I am so proud of our team of professionals and they are professionals,” KRIS 6 News Director Paul Alexander said. “One of the ways that I measure professionalism is your consistency from day to day. These people come to play every day. I am so appreciative and I marvel at their ability to stay mentally tough every single day, no matter what.

“We have a very closely-knit, cohesive team. We made a commitment to quality journalism, both on the broadcast and the digital side. We are committed to doing news that matters, that changes the community for the better. We have a vibrant team, a diverse team and we’ve got a really interesting mix of a lot of experience and some youthful exuberance and it’s really come together in a wonderful package. This is the culmination of that effort and that commitment. I am proud beyond description of the people who represent KRIS 6 News.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Former reporter, Haley Williams, also contributed to the coverage that was recognized by the Best Continuing Digital Coverage award.