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6 Investigates: Texas lawmakers take a big step in tax overhaul

Posted at 6:45 PM, Apr 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-17 00:23:16-04

The Texas Senate on Monday voted mostly along parties line to send a high-priority tax overhaul bill to the House.

It’s a topic 6 Investigates tackled last week.

We told you how state lawmakers want to lower the limits that local governments can hit when raising taxes to meet their annual budgets, which determine effective tax rates.

Senate Bill 2 aims to do that and, after a few tweaks, will drop rollback caps from 8  to 2 percent for cities and counties.  Rollback caps are what trigger elections. If a local entity busts through the cap when setting the effective tax rate for any given year, the rate must go to voters for final approval.

Social media lit up from both sides after Monday’s vote, as supports for- and against-the Republican-led overhaul made known their positions.

The Texas Public Policy Foundation called the vote a step in slowing the growth of ” skyrocketing property taxes.”

Meanwhile, the Center for Public Policy Priorities called the bill a scheme that will limit the ability of cities and counties to support essential services like police and firefighters.

No timeline, yet, on when House lawmakers will put the matter to a vote, however, local leaders – many who oppose the lower caps – believe it will pass and go to the Governor for signature.

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