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Local business owners concerned about possible border shutdown

Posted at 2:34 PM, Apr 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-03 19:39:23-04


Local businesses and restaurants owners worry that a border shutdown would impact their businesses. They’re concerned about big price increase for produce and possible shortages.

If there’s a border shutdown, Alfredo Quiroz, the produce buyer for Corpus Christi Produce Company says, “we’ll start shorting customers little by little. And then we’re going to have customers that aren’t our regular customers looking for product.”


Nearly half of the company’s goods are imported from Mexico. Quiroz says in the event of a border closing the company would look to other states and countries to buy produce.

“But its going to be a lot more expensive,” said Quiroz. “And could take a little bit longer to get the new vendors in place.”

Those costs would be passed on to their customers like Atomic Omelette & Grill. Mike Vansyckle, the owner, buys nearly $2,000 of goods weekly.

“We’re in constant contact with our produce company,” said Vansyckle. “They do a great job in keeping us informed about what’s going on.”

Vansyckle says, if the border shutdown were to happen today, he would have a three-week-supply of avocados. After that, unless he finds another source, avocados will be off the menu.

But the restaurant owner says his business has experienced price hikes and shortages before, so he has a plan in place for his customers.

“We don’t change our menu. We don’t change our prices. We have to roll with the flow,” said Vansyckle. “That’s part of doing business sometimes.”

H-E-B also tells KRIS 6 they now have a team evaluating the impact of a border closing, and they are closely monitoring the situation.