Whataburger guns are newest chic gun among Houston elite

Posted at 3:48 PM, Mar 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-26 11:22:10-04

There is Whataburger jewelry, Whataburger paintings, Whataburger-themed weddings and even Whataburger ketchup.

What could be next?

How about a high-end gun with Whataburger insignia and the company’s iconic orange-and-white color scheme.

WHATA-PISTOL 🍔 with a side of P-FRIES (pmag) 🍟

Posted by HTX Tactical on Monday, March 18, 2019

KPRC in Houston reports that HTX Tactical has been making a special pistol with Whataburger’s insignia.  Among their customers are rappers and professional athletes.

Worker Javier Garcia told KPRC that a customer suggested the Whataburger theme.

“Texas and Whataburger go hand in hand,” Garcia explained.

The company’s basic gun is stripped apart with upgrades added if desired. Then, a special coating process is added to produce special Whataburger designs.

The company then employs a special layering technique to stencil the Whataburger logos on the gun. And once they finish coating it, the gun is set aside for 24 hours after it is reassembled. Then, the gun is tested.

Coupling guns and Whataburger appears to have been a popular decision. The video of the gun on Facebook has already picked up an incredible 1 million views and more than 20,000 shares.

The brand’s loyalty appears to have no limits, although Whataburger’s corporate communications department is distancing itself from the weapon in this comment and aiming to end distribution of the weapon.

“This product is not affiliated or licensed by the Whataburger brand in any way. Whataburger did not give HTX Tactical permission to use our brand and logo, and we are reaching out to HTX Tactical to cease distribution of this product,” the Whataburger statement said. 

And as we said earlier, Harmon Dobson and Paul Burton came up with the idea of Whataburger in Corpus Christi in 1950. Could they ever have imagined their company logo emblazoned on guns?