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Local dentists say plaque and bacteria build-up can lead to major health concerns

Posted at 6:28 PM, Feb 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-22 19:32:09-05

Plaque and tartar build up on the surface around teeth. When left untreated these nasty remnants could lead to major problems.

Gum disease is something oral professionals at the Corpus Christi General & Implant Dentistry take seriously.

Dr. Michael Elizondo says studies reveal how gum disease can lead to certain cancers and more.

“The things that cause gum disease are primarily poor oral hygiene however there are a lot of other factors,” Elizondo said.

Several recent medical research projects indicate there may be a link between poor dental health and Alzheimer’s disease.

Some evidence suggests plaques allowed to form on teeth may get into our bloodstreams and infect our brains.

Yet, there are other contributors to the development of Alzheimer’s.

Maintaining top-notch dental health may at the very least help delay the onset of the disease.

However, there are many ways you can protect yourself from poor dental hygiene.

Most notably, flossing daily, brushing your teeth twice a day and seeing a medical professional will help in keeping your teeth clean.