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QSROnline, local software company celebrates 15 years in business

Posted at 12:44 PM, Feb 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-13 18:27:25-05

A local software development company reached a big milestone recently. They got their start here in Corpus Christi, and now they’re celebrating 15 years in business.

QSROnline has come a long way since opening. Today, it’s a successful, growing company. But 15 years ago, Michael Cuevas, the founder of the company, was transforming his home garage into a business.

“The first two employees worked with me in one room, about the size of my office today,” said Cuevas.

Now, Cuevas employs more than 30 people between their two locations. One is on Staples St, and the other on Ayers.

“We’ve grown every year,” said Cuevas. “We’ve been very fortunate on that.”

So what do they do? QSR stands for quick service restaurants. They service restaurants like Sonics, Whataburgers, and other local places like Water Street Restaurants or Hester’s.

The company’s software helps businesses keep track of inventory, scheduling and reporting.

Alexis Hesseltine, the Sales Executive at QSROnline, travels the country to visit with those kinds of businesses.

“We have an app so they can see what they have coming in their store, what’s leaving their store, and reviewing their sales across the board as well,” said Hesseltine.

Cuevas says he and and his employees provide services to more than 1,000 restaurants, and more than 500 different companies both locally and across the nation.

Meanwhile, Cuevas says adapting has been the key to the company’s success.

“You also have to be good at recognizing what’s happening in the future,” said Cuevas. “We can’t continue to expect success with the current way of doing things.”

The company has also done several good deeds in the community. Most recently, they provided lunch and several gift cards to TSA workers during the government shutdown.