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Edelman’s distinctive beard departs during memorable ‘Ellen’ visit

Posted at 1:54 PM, Feb 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-08 14:54:34-05

Super Bowl hero Julian Edelman has cultivated the image of one of the NFL’s most distinctive personas thanks to his bushy beard.

But only a couple of days after picking up the Super Bowl MVP title after leading the New England Patriots to their sixth world title, Edelman stopped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to show off the Lombardi Trophy.

He left with a check and a fresh shave.

Edelman expressed his gratitude to his parents for raising him the way he did. He then talked to DeGeneres what winning the Super Bowl MVP meant to him.

“Getting the MVP is kind of a win for my other team, and that’s my family,” Edelman said. “Getting to experience this with them, because they’ve been in my corner, they’ve made me who I am, this is like a full family kind of win.”

During the show, Edelman said he had not shaved during the 2018 season.

“Coach (Bill) Belichick has this thing that he says, ‘Put everything in the drawer and worry about it when the season’s done,’ so I put my razor actually in the drawer.”

DeGeneres then said she would donate $10,000 to the Boys and Girls Club if she could shave off his beard. After initially hesitating, Edelman magnanimously gave us his whiskers for a good cause. He liked the idea so much that he similarly donated $10,000.

“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” airs at 4 p.m. daily on KRIS 6.