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New study looks into electric scooter injuries

Posted at 2:40 PM, Feb 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-06 23:56:47-05

A newly published study states a growing number of people are sent to the hospital, because of injuries from electric scooters.

The Journal of the American Medical Association conducted the study, and analyzed injuries caused by electric scooters. It’s the first study of its kind.

“We really need to understand more exactly about the scooters and what the most appropriate way to enjoy them is,” said Dr. James Mobley, who works at the Medical Arts Clinic in Portland.

By documenting scooter riders for one year in a California city, researchers found that there were 249 total injuries.

Those injured fell, collided into something, or hit a moving vehicle or object.

James Whitney, an electric scooter rider, says it’s easy to lose control riding an electric scooter.

“You can clip along a little bit,” Whitney said. “And if you’re not watching where you’re going, you’re going to run into somebody.”

Many injuries were serious, and some were severe. 70 percent of the injuries were fractures or head injuries. Shockingly, only about 4 percent of riders admitted to wearing a helmet.

“There are no helmets supplied,” Whitney said. “So I think you do take that at your own risk.”

Based on the study, Dr. Mobley estimates Corpus Christi physicians would see 1,000 annual injuries from electric scooters.

That’s why he also says it’s important for riders not to underestimate the dangers of these scooters.

“Renting a scooter without a helmet is like renting a motor vehicle without seat belts,” said Dr. Mobley.

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