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Man arrested after he threw his ailing wife a ‘death party’ before she died

Posted at 4:05 PM, Jan 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-30 17:10:12-05

A man accused of giving his ailing wife methamphetamine told authorities he threw her a “death party” before she died.

The Mankato Free Press reported that Duane Arden Johnson, 58, of Searles, Minn., was charged with criminal neglect and receiving stolen property after his wife’s death on Thursday.

Deputies said Johnson called 911 at about noon to report that his wife, Debra Lynn Johnson, 69, had died.

Responding authorities reportedly found words spray-painted on the front door, a naked Duane Johnson, several guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

The husband said he did not get his wife medical help because she did not want to die in a nursing home, according to criminal charges filed against him.

She previously had two heart attacks, had diabetes and high blood pressure. His wife also reportedly had mental illnesses and was on anti-psychotic medication.

Mankato police arrived at the couple’s home and found the words “Death Parde God Hell” spray-painted on the front door.

They confronted a naked Duane Johnson as he allegedly ran outside and told them his wife was dead. He then ran inside to take a bath.

Several minutes later, Duane Johnson was found in the bathroom. Police said he appeared to be hallucinating and trying to wash white and black “things” from his skin.

Police then found Debra Johnson’s body, wrapped in a sheet at the top of the stairs.

The Free Press reported that his wife had been living in a nursing home, but her husband checked her out several days earlier because she wanted to die at home.

Duane Johnson said they took methamphetamine and his wife stopped taking her medications. They spent their final hours in sexual relations listening to their favorite song  “Metal Health” by their favorite band Quiet Riot, the newspaper reported.

His wife then starting having convulsions, but wouldn’t let Johnson call police.  After she did, Johnson told deputies he washed his wife’s body and wrapped her in linen “like the Bible told me to do.”

Authorities found four rifles and two shotguns in the house.  They also reportedly found hundreds of rounds of ammunition of several varieties, the newspaper reported.

Duane Johnson was arrested without incident and was charged with criminal neglect and felony counts of theft and receiving stolen property. His bond was set to $250,000 or $150,000 with conditions.

Searles is a town of 171 residents about 100 miles southwest of Minneapolis.