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Nueces County Junior Livestock Show set for this week

Posted at 7:29 AM, Jan 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-14 09:46:23-05

The Nueces County Junior Livestock Show is one of the largest youth agriculture competition in the area. With upwards of 1,000 exhibitors from across the county competing in different agriculture categories.

“These kids have put together over 4,000 projects that they’ll be exhibiting,” says Jason Ott, board member of the Nueces County Junior Livestock Show. “So, it’s a tremendous amount of time and effort that goes into these projects.”

Tuloso-Midway High School students, junior Emory Alderson and sophomore Emily Dreyer will be competing in this year’s show.

Alderson is not new to the livestock show world, showing animals since she’s been in the third grade. This Wednesday she will be showing her two goats, Lil Bit and Louie. Then after this show, moving on to the majors in San Antonio and Houston. Alderson says showing animals has helped her grow as a student and person.

“You really have to put a lot of time into these animals in coming up here, so time management with school with other activities, extra-curriculars, stuff like that. So it really teaches you a lot of life lessons that are very important,”  Alderson said

Sophomore Emily Dreyer will be competing in her second Nueces County Junior Livestock Show, with her first steer, Judge. Dreyer says that learning everything has a purpose in life is what helps you understand how to be a better person.

Dreyer will be showing Judge during the Market Steer competition on Friday and Alderson will show Lil Bit and Louie on Wednesday.

For a full schedule of events you can find that here: