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How to kick start a healthy lifestyle in the new year

Posted at 10:28 AM, Jan 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-02 06:11:46-05

As we ring in 2019, many people are beginning their New Year resolutions like getting in shape.

That includes Cuauhtemoc Sodi, a gym member at Freedom Fitness.

“I came here to start doing exercise after a long time of not doing anything,” said Sodi.

KRIS 6 spoke to Allison Lozano, a local fitness director at Freedom Fitness, about how people like Sodi and others can stay healthy in the new year.

Lozano has some good advice for all the new faces she’ll be seeing at the gym.

She says first, it’s important for people to set short term goals for themselves. This also prevents injury.

“Set realistic goals,” said Lozano. “Don’t make drastic changes that you can’t stick with forever.”

Lozano says the hardest part is getting to the gym. But once you’re there, she says it’s also important to change up your workout routine regularly.

“Because usually what works in the first week or two may get you a little wait loss or a boost of energy,” said Lozano.

Or you can even try working out with a partner.

Gym members like Sodi also say staff do their part to help meet their goals by making sure everyone feels welcome, and not intimidated.

“They have a lot of patience with me and well I feel very comfortable,” said Sodi.

Lozano also adds, if you’re unsure how to use exercise equipment or maintain a healthy lifestyle, do not be afraid to ask for help.

“We never discourage anybody for coming to the gym period,” said Lozano. “If you’re here, I’m already proud of you.”

Lastly, a reminder that some exercise is better than none at all.