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Pest control company keeps busy fighting mosquitoes deep into December

Posted at 7:23 PM, Dec 20, 2018

Workers with Elite Exterminating Inc. say they are receiving about five calls a day or more from customers needing the company to spray for mosquitoes.

Weather remains the biggest challenge for the company.  The wind in the Coastal Bend is sometimes too strong for their spray to make proper contact with these unwanted visitors.

It’s led to the current period becoming their busiest at this time of the year in 30 years, company officials said.

Workers say the reason for this mosquito boom is because of standing water from past rains. More than 40 inches of rainfall has been recorded in Corpus Christi this year — about 10 inches more than normal. Recent foggy conditions have also been a contributor.

And Corpus Christi still hasn’t recorded its first freeze that would also help eradicate these unwanted visitors.

“We would have to have a good freeze, a good cold front for a few days or maybe even a week to kill things off, says Romi Rodriguez of Elite Exterminating. “If we don’t get that then the problem is going to get worse.”