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Tunchez responds to prostitution scheme indictment

Posted at 12:32 PM, Nov 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-02 15:02:17-04

A Corpus Christi City Council candidate has made two responses on his Facebook page less than a day after he was indicted on allegations he was involved in part of a prostitution scheme.

Eric Tunchez, 30, is facing a felony charge of aggravated promotion of prostitution. He is running for a District 3 council seat in Tuesday’s election.

Tunchez was indicted by a Nueces County grand jury on Thursday. Late Friday morning, Tunchez posted his first public response since the indictment.

“The collusion and corruption to stop me from running for a city council race is absolutely outrageous and now we see how low my opponents and enemies will go to smear my name and reputation. To criminalize me for a piece of cake is a prime example to show how I have come close to their power. The BIG CORRUPTION continues!!!”

He also described his reaction to the timing of the charges:

“I will not comment on any criminal charges due to lawyers advice, but to go that low 4 days before election is evil. I have not seen any evidence of these allegations. I know the political elite hate me, but I am fighting for the people to have a clean goverment and to end corruption. My opponent for this race was endorsed by District Attorney Mark Gonzales so keep that in mind. As a graduate with Criminal Justice and Political Science degrees, I want to spread opportunity and not fear. Let’s restore the faith and public trust of the residents of Corpus Christi… Last day for early voting is today til 7PM. GO VOTE RIGHT NOW!!!!”

Less than an hour after it was posted, his post had received 10 comments and six shares.

His arrest comes on the heels after City Hall camera surveillance captured a video of Tunchez snatching a piece of outgoing District 3 Councilwoman Lucy Rubio’s cake at Tuesday’s council meeting before she had a chance to see or cut it. An informational police report was filed, but there have been no criminal charges stemming from the incident.

In a second Facebook post less than 30 minutes after his first one early Friday afternoon, Tunchez said that District Attorney Mark Gonzalez’s office might have become involved in a “worst case scenario.” He also notes that Gonzalez has publicly endorsed his opponent. Tunchez maintains his innocence and says he will be seeking a criminal defense attorney.

“I have no comment on the accusations coming out on the media. I know nothing. I was informed that I was being charged. I deny these allegations. The best case scenario: it is a mistake. Worst case scenario: it is politically motivated to undermine my candidacy. My belief is that District Attorney Mark Gonzalez has publicly endorsed my opponent. I am not surprised the District Attorneys office brought these allegations up. If the allegations happened in January of 2017, why wait til Novemeber 2, 2018 to bring up this charge right before the elections?? If it is politically motivated I hope you see right through the collusion and corruption. I maintain my innocence and I will be seeking a criminal defense attorney.”

That post received six comments and six shares in the first 20 minutes it was posted.

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